Photo taken by Seth Showalter



My name is Andrew Weber.  I live in Plain City Ohio, working as a professional real estate photographer.  I have a degree in Business Management from Franklin University, Iā€™m married to the most beautiful woman in the world named Brittany, and have two sons named Caiden and Oliver.  Some of my passions outside of photography are hiking, traveling, soccer (go Crew!), and playing music.


I have photographed a wide variety of projects including weddings, engagements, business gatherings, food, families, cars, real estate, landscape, astrophotography, portraits, animals/pets, concerts, music videos, interviews, wedding films and many more.  


My day job is taking magazine quality real estate photos in the Columbus Ohio area for Columbus Pics, as well as freelancing on a regular basis for both personal and commercial needs.  I have been interviewed about my work, and my creative commons photos have been used over hundreds of thousands of times across the web.  My photos have been published in books and magazines, and my timelapse film, "The Western Rampage" was featured on websites like the NY Times, Huffpost, AOL, MSN, and many others.  


I suppose you could say my career in photography started long ago, when I would take my parent's Kodak camera,  using up their film so I could take pictures of things at weird angles.  That is, until I was limited with how many pictures I could take.   I've pretty much had my own camera since I was 12, though I didn't really focus on honing the craft until the fall of 2014.  I decided to start a 365 project, and this completely changed photography for me.  I started getting positive feedback and requests from friends to do photography and film work, and since then it has snowballed into both a hobby and career choice.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to getting to know you!