Tim and Kelli

October 20th 2018 - Orchard House Bed and Breakfast, Granville Ohio

October’s weather treated us well for the most part, but on Tim and Kelli’s wedding day nature decided to experiment with colder weather and even gustier winds. We were able to use the woods for the first few hours for both the first look and ceremony, but when the wind picked up it was deemed wiser to move indoors to the Orchard House. Thankfully the Orchard House was packed full of character. Tim and Kelli are one of those couples that are truly a joy to watch interact with each other, and kept it relaxed and fun the whole day. Not only did the guests have a blast, but Seth Showalter (my second shooter) and I did too! Below are a few highlights.

Tim and Kelli-8.jpg
Tim and Kelli-5.jpg
Tim and Kelli-11.jpg
Tim and Kelli-13.jpg
Tim and Kelli-22.jpg
Tim and Kelli-35.jpg
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Tim and Kelli-397.jpg

Second shooter: Seth Showalter (www.sethshowalter.com)

Dessert confections: Birdie’s Cupcakes (www.facebook.com/birdies.cupcake/)

Venue: The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast (http://www.orchardhousegranville.com/)

Catering: Sweet Carrot (www.sweetcarrot.com)